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A book for every woman willing to use tools such as sex appeal and emotional intelligence to get her way

“Anna, a fabulous mind who privileges power over oppression, has written the critical 21st century feminist’s handbook” -Liam Feltham, Glass Magazine

“Glamour Puss – a Tongue-in-Cheek Guide to Being a Powerful Woman” has sparked controversy and debates all over the world between radical feminists and glamorous Hollywood housewives. Drawing on inspiration and tactics from Kate Middleton, book of traditional dating “The Rules” and Catwoman, the book carries a Marylin Monroe-esque message of “using sex appeal, wit and manipulation to get your way with men; no matter if you’re looking for a husband, career or expensive handbag”.

Written by journalist and blogger Anna Madsen from Stockholm, “Glamour Puss” preaches “pink feminism” in chapters such as “How French women stay Skinny”, “The Kate Middleton Method”, “How to find a Trophy Husband”, “Caveman Communication”, “What Women should do for their Man”, “The Alpha and Beta Female” and many more, emphasizing on how women should cash in on feminine skills, rather than tone them down.

When asked about the disputed topic of gold diggers and femme fatales exchanging sex for money discussed in the book, 28-year old author Anna Madsen clarifies: “Glamour Puss” is not aimed at a certain group of money-hungry, perceived to be beautiful and superficial girls. It’s a book for every woman willing to use tools such as sex appeal and emotional intelligence to get her way with men. Each woman has the power to “manipulate” men to her advantage and “Glamour Puss” presents a solution which should be a natural part of every woman’s life when dealing with a male partner or boss. I am tired of “feminists” calling themselves so, and trying to encourage women to be more masculine in the working place or when it comes sex. How can you call that “gender equality” when one gender is trying to be more like the other as a requirement to be successful? Future presidents will look like Paris Hilton and have the brains of Hillary Clinton”.

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“Anna’s way of combining witty insights supported by well researched facts, is truly unique and captivating” – Marissa Doyle, Executive film producer

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